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  1. hi,

    i am writing on behalf of batman delivers( a night deliver food service in gurgaon & south delhi shahpur jat ) we would like to get our food objectively reviewed and improve where we can.

    we would like you to provide an objective review of the food of your choice ( as it is ). if you may help us in our endeavour to improve our knowing where we stand in terms of our food, i would like to get food of your preference delivered at your location.

    do let us know if you are interested in review, thats all we ask no frills and bells

    team batman
    shakti swami

  2. Hi,

    I am working as PR Advisory for The Crude House Cafe.I would invite you & your team to come & review ” The Crude House Cafe” .It’s a recently opened cafe in Tagore Garden.

    Awaiting your kind revert

    With Regards,

    Kritika Dua
    Image Elevate
    +91-9821630256, 9654029976

  3. i am writing on behalf of ramujee.com, which delivers the specialities of the city on the Railway Stations, Airport and on the given adresses. we would like to get our services reviewed by your good self and improve where we can.

    we can get gujiya from your choice of shop delivered at your place.

    do let us know if we can have a blog written.


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    I was going through your blogs and found them very useful. Would you like to contribute/share your views on our platform. I can be reached at aditi@lbbd.in & 9599220021.
    Would be happy to hear from you.



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