Flip Flops Review: Crocs Reviva

Very odd thing to be reviewing, flip flops. However, I believe when one is at home so much little things make one happy – a pair of good flip flops, a cozy set of pyjamas, pretty cups for your coffee – these are the things that make me happy!

Ive been home since Feb 2020, and have barely gone out. I am on of the paranoid ones. I prefer to stay home. I don’t like risks especially because I am surrounded by senior citizens.

Anyway, coming to the review. I purchased these for my mother and i decided to get an extra pair for myself.

The sole of these slippers is made of foam so its very cozy and bouncy. Super comfortable. Crocs promises to reenergize your feet by putting more bounce in your days. I like trying new slippers, I keep changing them. Makes my day slightly better. Little things can make you happy.

Reviva footbeds with built-in air bubbles and gives you a massage effect. They are very light too. They come with a 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Thinking of changing to cozy slippers? Try these 🙂




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