TOY REVIEW – Playgro Play in The Park Activity Gym

This play mat isn’t as expensive as the other ones I’ve tried. It’s got a crinkly tortoise and tethers hanging from it. It’s toy arch is very colourful and attractive. The mat itself isn’t very large but good enough for a 6 month old.

But it has a few issues – 🔴 no special pillow for tummy time 🔴 stability is a slight issue on the bed, it’s more stable on the floor.
Why does your baby need a play gym? ✅ to keep child’s mind occupied and prevent fussing ✅ entertaining baby without jeopardising safety ✅ allowing parents to catch a break from their super active babies ✅ good for mental stimulation
✅ good for agility ✅ helping babies achieve milestones like grabbing and pulling ✅ helps in building hand and eye coordination.
✅ the mat itself can be used for tummy time but on a slightly spongy surface for really young babies
✅ enhances visual sight and perception through high contrast colours ✅ stimulates and helps develop tactile senses
✅ promotes self discovery ✅ enhances gross motor skills ✅ it’s safe, light, portable and grows with babies

Overall, for its price it’s a very good activity gym.

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