Soda Bottle Opener Wala – invites y’all to its new menu mania

The journey of the revered restauranteur Mr. AD Singh with ‘SBOW’s star Anahita Dhondy began 6 years back in the central pavillion of DLF Cyber Hub in the NCR. It is now serving authentic Parsi and Bombai-ya cuisine to patrons and masses across Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.


With interiors and an ambience that brings alive the era of the ’90s with its nostalgic Hindi music airing the typical Iranian Cafe or ‘Hotal’ set-up, one is in for a hearty trip.

IMG_20191115_220706IMG_20191115_220630Cut to present: The adored SBOW’ has now got on-board seasoned Chef Irfan Pabaney who has curated a new menu with an array of Vegetarian and Vegan dishes in the appetizers,  main course and the desserts.

Let me take you through the odyssey of flavours that was the night I went and is for you all to enjoy:

The first to entice my tastebuds was the ‘Green Bean Salad’, with optimum Lime, Sesame and a dose of crunchy health-



Say hello! to the new SBOW feast spread with some hot! hot! tomato and coriander soup.


If you like a crunch with yogurt and chutneys sprinkled with ‘Bhujia’ and pomegranate pearls, then this perfect ‘Palak Patta Chaat’ will have you Chaat cravings sorted,



If you are a veg eater like me, you would perhaps relate with the fact of the less no. of vegetarian starters and moreso, if they are, they would be the cliche’ ones.

But this ‘Green Kebab’ is a gooey, soft and moist mix of all green veggies you can think of and is a variant veg option to bet on.IMG_20191115_204124

To complement the eclectic grub coming my way, and my fondness to experiment with a decent new-age concoction for the elixirs, I gave in to the ‘exotic and equally tasteful Plum drink. It had a different mix of Plum extract, Plum zest, Limca, Ginger and Mint. And I loved it!

A favourite and native of Maharashtra; this is not just yours truly-Pav Bhaji. It is a CHEESY pav bhaji with home-baked Pav.IMG_20191115_211029

Tell me someone who doesn’t like Pizza. And this SBOW special Pizza is a freakin’ KHARI PIZZA. Flaky, Crispy and ooh-so-delicious.


And now after all that stuffing in, one has to have an appetite for authentic desserts. The first one was a sweet-surprise called ‘Lagan Nu Custard’. IMG_20191115_215752

Guess what? If you thought that Mumbai was thousands of kilometers away from NCR, we just teleported the original and real ‘Parsi Dairy Kulfi’ from the one and only historic ‘Parsi Dairy’ ar Princess Street, Kalbadevi, Marine Lines, Mumbai.


The two gems that stole the show for me. The others were superbly delectable too, but the following were decadent.

Parsi Mawa cake with French Vanilla Icecream:


The melt-in-the-mouth and soothing chocolate mousse with Mint. You can tell me if you don’t like it and I’ll gladly debate.

Now, all you gotto do is, a favour to yourself and your folks..and head to Soda Bottle Opener Wala to delve into their new menu.

Thank me later 😉

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