5 Style of Boots Every Girl Must Own

girl-698679_1920The one footwear that every woman loves is definitely the Boots, right? With the style that it offers, every woman in today’s world now owns at least two pairs of boots. But there still are women who get easily confused when they shop for boots online or when it comes to defining the type of boots. So, without wasting any more time, I have listed a few styles of boots below that will help you get a clearer picture:






The refined ankle boot is perhaps the dressiest boot you can claim. The heel ranges from stout to wedge to stiletto. You’re presumably pondering, “how does a refined boot vary from the thick heel lower leg boot?” These lower leg boots are slouchy and loose. The refined boot fits near the leg and cosy to the lower leg, which gives it an elegant look. Refined boots look amazingly fantastic with pencil skirts.





The most popular boot and the most flexible boot is a Chunky heel boot. It is ever-enduring and agreeable and consistently places attitude in every step.  On these boots, you’ll discover huge amounts of detail, including moto clasps, grommets and obviously, fringes. Or then again a bothered vintage feel. These boots create an impression, yet they truly go with such a large number of pieces—thin pants, beau pants, boot skirt, short skirt. They look stunning with a ’70s-style dress.





So my preferred method to wear moto boots? With my go-to stockings, a slouchy tee and a stout sew cardigan.  Somewhat tense, somewhat female, somewhat charming, a little bad-to-the-bone and a great deal of comfort. My optimal outfit, fundamentally. 

In addition to the fact that they are handy – think comfortable – they are unfathomably simple to wear with pretty much anything. I can’t disclose to you how regularly I grab these biker boots to wear with my outfits. The style is certainly a surprising return to the 90s, and I’m absolutely loving it.





Marginally over the knee or below, riding boots have been in for quite a while now. The hues are normally impartial, and the surfaces are regular, so they’re one of the most adaptable boots you can possess. Riding boots are an ideal fit with such a significant number of patterns—’70s, western and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Additionally they’re incredibly comfortable in light of the fact that they have an ample shaft and no heel. What’s more, it’s an exemplary style you’ll wear a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Everybody can slip into this, but they’re particularly extraordinary for ladies with wider calves. They are cut so as to accommodate a jeans leg and a higher shaft draws the eye upward, outwardly extending the leg. In case you’re traditional with your style sense, wear them with thin distressed pants and a poncho. In case you’re conventional, these will look astonishing with a tucked in of Ponte pant.





Boho boots can never go out of style. They not only are a style statement but they also stand out by adding character to an outfit. It doesn’t matter if you have a bohemian wardrobe or not. This style of boots goes with everything. The more colourful the merrier. Bohemian fashion was once only limited to the very wild, now, however, everyone can pair this style with all kinds of casual and formal outfits. 


I hope I’ve at least cleared more than a few doubts that you had regarding the type of boots. Also, if you have anything else to mention that I probably forgot, feel free to add the same in the comments section below. Thank you!

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  1. I’m definitely guilty of using these differences as reasons to keep buying more boots! I keep telling myself that every new pair I buy is technically different from the millions I already own.

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