Bengaluru Bulls on fire for this current season of PKL

Defending champions the Bengaluru Bulls team, already started as favourites in the current season of PKL have not only started strong but seem to have gained momentum which makes them seem unstoppable. I have been following Pro Kabaddi League since it started and Bengaluru Bulls team have not only become my favourite team, but I think they will continue to be my favourite for a very long time because of the way they have been playing. They have a lot of potential and consist of very promising young players. 


Bengaluru Bulls seem to have inspired many fans out there. Captain Rohit Kumar has been leading the team sublimely and with the support of all players, the season has been going phenomenally well for them so far. He has been with the team since the 4th season of PKL and has been a very graceful raider since then. The players call him “Akki” as he is a huge Akshay Kumar fan & he also has a tattoo of Akshay Kumar on his shoulder whom he claims is his inspiration. He has been awarded the MVP in the 3rd season of Pro Kabaddi League. 


The team for this year was strengthened further with the Bengaluru Bulls team signing 18 players for this season in addition to 4 who were retained.


The coach of the team is Randhir Singh, and he inspires the players to play with a calm mind. In a recent match, they managed four super tackles because of the coach’s instructions. He feels that players play with all their heart, but at the end of the game, especially the last minutes, the correct strategy is what makes them win a match. In the previous season, this team won 8 matches in the closing stages of PKL. The coach was encouraging when Patna Pirates were in the lead at half-time, he told his players to be calm and focus 100%. The team Patna Pirates were very tough to beat as they had already been champions thrice. Also, the coach realised that all 12 teams are equal and all of them are a threat, and the Bengaluru Bulls team can’t underestimate any team as this game is very unpredictable and anything can happen till the winner is announced.


This season the Bengaluru Bulls team became only the third team in the history of PKL to rack 50 wins under their belt. In a tight game against U Mumba, trailing them in the second half, the Bulls managed to come back and score a memorable 50th win. Star player Pawan Sehrawat setup the historic win.


In one of the most memorable matches of the season, the Bengaluru Bulls team defeated Warriors 43-42 by surging late and gaining points at the end. The legend Pawan Sehrawat gave an excellent performance by scoring 29 points from 30 raids, making it a historic feat and joining two other players to rack up the highest score in the history of Vivo PKL. No to be outdone by the legend, rookie Saurabh Nandal flexed his defending muscles by scoring six points against a seasoned Bengal Warriors defence. 


The Bengaluru Bulls team look unstoppable in spite of their Captain Rohit Kumar’s lack of form, which all fans are sure will pick up in the season. More is expected of him. The mental fortitude shown in the comeback in all their victories is remarkable and will be a significant threat to any teams competing against them in the future. 


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