Fabelle introduces six new chocolate bars for a limited period and charity cause


Soaked in sheer decadence, Fabelle; known for its luxury chocolates has launched six new exquisite flavours to commemorate the spirit of the diverse and well-spread nation.

. In order to develop these chocolates, Fabelle divided the country into six zones namely Northern Himalayan Region, Thar Dessert, Indo Gangetic Plains, Central Plains, Deccan Plateau and Coastal Regions and created six chocolate bars, each representing the flavours of a region mentioned respectively as below:

  1. Northern Himalayan Region – Dark Chocolate smoked with Tea and Pink Himalayan Salt
  1. Thar Desert – Ruby Chocolate with Toasted Sesame, Salted Peanuts and Toasted Amaranth
  2. Gangetic Plains – Milk Chocolate with Jaggery powder and crunchy Puffed Rice
  3. Central Plains – Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peel blended with Raisins
  4. Deccan Plateau -White Chocolate with Coffee and Cardamom Powder effusion
  5. Coastal Regions -Milk Chocolate with Desiccated Coconut powder and Candied Mango

Across top 6 cities, 600 such bars were tirelessly handcrafted by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers in a larger-than-life 73 kg chocolate installation to commemorate the 73rd Independence Day. These chocolate bars will be unveiled on 15th of August and will be available for sale until 18th August 2019 in the Chocolate Boutique at ITC Maurya. To bring this inimitable chocolate experience closer to consumers, the magnanimous chocolate bar installation will also be displayed at V R Mall, Bengaluru in the form of a chocolate installation.IMG-20190813-WA0062


My personal favourite is the Thar one and the Himalayan one!



The proceeds from all these chocolates, on sale at the Fabelle Boutique at ITC Maurya will go to Make-A-Wish Foundation of India, a non-profit organization which works towards supporting deserving children to lead a richer life by fulfilling their wishes.

Ended the monsoon evening with an indulgent and soothing thick, Hot chocolate:


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