Courtyard by Marriott has re-created Delhi-6 for ya’ with its Chaat and more


Think delish Chaat and the 1st name that pops up in a Delhi-ite’s mind is ‘Chandni Chowk’. But it is the monsoon fellas and we are not quite sure if travelling all the way to Old Delhi would be a good idea.

So, the generous folks at Courtyard by Mariott have curated a “Delhi -6 festival’ for you, on till 21st July.

From the decor to the live preparations, here is a steal-deal, you surely don’t want to miss.


You would have gorged on Ghujias during ‘holi’, but ever thought of a Dhai Chaat with Ghujia topped with dry fruits?! Well, here you go…


You can’t be a chaat lover and let go of our very own crunch laden ‘Papdi Chaat’ to sooth your souls.


How do you like you Lassi -sweet with malai or just the adequate sprinkle of dry fruits?!

We,, whatever your preference have a customized lassi made at Courtyard by Marriott’s Delhi 6 festival, as the Lassiwala will prepare it as per your taste, in front of you, and with all the hygiene? Cool stuff, right?!

IMG_20190712_202755 A banta wala too, yes you read that right, for right digestion of the heavenly dishes galore.

IMG_20190712_202548Next on the menu was the Samosa Chaat, that comes as our innate love. Light, crisp and all thing good!

IMG_20190712_204719 You wouldn’t possibly want to give the fresh and lofty Tikkas a miss by mistake, because they are oh-so-filling! and oh-so-scrumptious!


The paranthas have a long list of filling, and they are not your usual paranthas. They are prepared the traditional way and leave a satiating sense in your mouth.

And incase you want to go beyond the ordinary palate; they have ‘Cheeni ka parantha’ with choco sauce…Yes! You read that right!


If these desserts weren’t enough to get you through a gratifying sugar rush, there was a live Gulab Jamun-Halwa counter, that had quite a bit of options.


So, wait no further, do your reservation and hit the right, Chaat notes with Courtyard by Mariott.

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