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Author:  Pradeep Govind

Publisher:  AjayMago, Om Books International

This book is an autobiographical account by Duryodana.   Therefore,Duryodana has written the story in his own perspective . Every little detail from his birth till the entire battle in Hastinapura concludes  has been beautifully described as if the events have unfolded recently and not thousands of years ago. No doubt , the reader is kept riveted to the fast developing plot,full of drama,intrigue,unfathomable mysteries and action.

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There are some twists in the tale which deviate from the original ,Vyasa’s Mahabharata, like the way Ashwatthama is spared , the banishment of Kunteyas, and many other episodes. The author has made clear that no absolute conformance with the original version is attempted to as there are several different versions of the epic story.

The book has been written in simple language which flows quite fast , keeping the reader glued to the book. I am certain this will arouse the  curiosity of many to visit the scriptures.

The author has done an exceedingly good job of turning the all too familiar story into an interesting unputdownable book for which he deserves all acclaim.

The publisher has done an excellent job as the layout and printing are very comfortable.

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I wish the author comes out with more such works . Kudos to Om Books which has become quite popular with such initiatives.

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