How ZEE TV’s Kaala Teeka tackles superstitions while being thrilling? 

India and its diverse beliefs are inseparable. We are who we are, and we are proud of what we believe in. But that’s not the case all the time, is it? We mean we have some stupid superstitions floating around in this country and no matter how hard we try, it is difficult to get rid of them. But that does mean you stop, right? You keep grinding and one day, and that may be a little further from what you would have thought, you would be successful. While a single person would take years to make a good number of people aware of this stuff, it can easily be done with the help of movies and TV shows. Though movies like PK, Oh My God!! have reflected the dark side of these beliefs, TV shows steered away from these concepts, until now. 


A TV show called Kaala Teeka addressed the superstitions in a way that was accepted by the audience. We think that is a win because if it was done in any other way, then it could have resulted in people getting raged over the fact that someone is trying to mock their beliefs. Remember, the goal is not to make angry but to make them think. Hence, today we are counting down the reasons on how ZEE TV’s Kaala Teeka tackles superstitions while being thrilling. 


History of superstitions: As we mentioned in the intro, we Indians have been following these superstitions blindly and religiously for a long time, hence the term blind faith. Though many of us are now literate enough to know that it is high time we drop them, it still kills to know that there are many who still believe in them. Many have talked about the Indian superstitions and the theories behind them and why one should no follow it, but it hardly had any impact on them. That’s why we are happy that Kaala Teeka is doing what many of us has failed to do – spread awareness and change people’s opinion on these superstitions.


The unique storyline of the show: There are many TV shows in India. A normal housewife keeps track of multiple soap operas without breaking a sweat. But the sad part is that most of them are  Saas Bahu serials. So for a new TV show to stand out amongst cliched storylines, it has to be something unique. The story goes like this – In a desperate attempt to safeguard his only daughter Gauri from the familial curse, Vishwa adopts Kaali and makes her the literal Kaala Teeka who would safeguard and protect his daughter, While many laughed over the fact that how foolish it is, some were taken back that such things still exist in India. Over the course of the show, we see how this practice adversely affects the characters of the show.


High on Thrills: The twists and turns of Indian TV shows are as good as one can get. While many rely on cheap editing skills, the makers of Kaala Teeka were clever enough to use superstitions to do the trick. They were also clever enough to say use them subtly wherein they do not come across as endorsing but rather making people aware of these blind faith practices.


Spectacular Performances: Just like everything else about this show, even the casting of the show was on point. Be it Simran Pareenja, Fenil Umrigar or Rohan Gandotra, the actors were able to make us connect with the characters. Considering the theme of the show, the performances had to be top notch and they fulfilled the promise to best effect.


So, those were our views on the show. If you are planning to watch Kaala Teeka from the start, then you can find the entire show online on ZEE5. While you catch up on the show, do you share your views on the same in the comments.

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