Indian Kids are Getting Fashionable & Its All Thanks to Online Shopping!

Age hardly matters when it comes to fashion sense. You must have seen how fashionable the kids are today? Right, everything matching, everything stylish!


I remember when I was a little girl we didn’t get much choice as kids have nowadays. There are many designs, colours and fabrics to choose from T shirts for girls along with every other kind of dresses, jeans and shoes – you name it! If you are a mother of the little girl, you can dress your girl like the way you prefer with being least worried. You can even opt for matching outfits because whatever is available in the women section is also available in the T shirts section for girls.


There is a whole Instagram page dedicated to fashionable kids. This page is called – “fashion kids” and it showcases kids from all over the world dressed in different kinds of outfits. There are little girls dressed in casual tops and there are lovely T shirts for girls. The Instagram page has boys dressed up in dungarees and top hats. It’s hard to believe that such kids can be so fashionable at such a young age.


The best part, however, is that now the fashion is catching up in India. There are so many styles and options to select from that one is spoilt for choice. You can also find tips for dressing your toddler online. I was looking at onesies of my 1-year niece the other day and I realised later that they had such cool Instagram worthy styles, designs and colours.


The relief part is you don’t have to go to a retail store in the scorching Delhi heat to shop T shirts for girls, you may browse thousands of designs online and pick the one that suits your kid well.


My partner’s niece just turned 4 and is very picky about what she wears. A week before her birthday I sat down with her and we browsed thousands of T shirts for girls online. She loves capes and picked a cute cape style T shirt, she also loves Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse so she picked a very cute t shirt with those prints too. We also selected some matching hats and socks for her. She already got a nice pair of jeans recently so we didn’t browse through many jeans, although there were a lot of designs and styles there too.


I love how kids are so much aware nowadays about fashion and how they can dress themselves on their own. You can also shop online with them instead of being in a physical store which would take ages to browse through thousands of T shirts for girls. Not to forget how cranky kids can get when they are outside their comfort zone. At home, you have a faster internet connection, an air conditioner and eatables to let them gnaw upon!


Overall, I think there are more options online now as compared to the offline market. So, one should explore the latest trends worldwide and pick them from an online store by being in India. Delivery takes from 1-7 days maximum. That’s the best part!

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