New Tupperware Products & Tupperware’s 23 Years in India

Tupperware celebrated 23 years in India we celebrated with Tupperware.

Ever since my first get together at Tupperware’s head office in Gurgaon I’ve been in love with its products. What I love the most about Tupperware is that it shrinks all my food items in the kitchen into a few compact shelves. Their stacking mechanism is just beautiful.

What I love even more is that I transformer my kitchen a few years ago and despite the huge amount of Indian spices I use all the containers still look new and stains wash away easily with soap water.

Whenever Tupperware invites me to an event I’m extremely excited because they always come up with new and exciting products to make my life simpler.

I met Chef Ayesha again last week and she created some beautiful summer recipes with us.

This mangi burfi recipe took less than 20 minutes with Tupperware’s new Plastic Fusion Master Griding Machine with lots of blade attachments for different kinds of food items.

We made almond meal in minutes.

This machine conveniently sticks to your kitchen slab for efficient grinding.

The Tupperware smart chopper has been my favourite for a few years now. Chopping onions is tears free and fast and it speeds up the prep time because its fast and effortless.

We used it to purée mangoes for out mango barfi recipe. It took just a few pulls and a few seconds.

The event was a lot of fun and we got to take away Tupperware’s colourful and beautiful reusable bottle collection!

Thanks Tupperware! 😘

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