Happy Hanami at Guppy

Our old favourite, Guppy, is all set to make our summers more interesting and fun, with their new Japanese menu centred around the theme of the Hanami festival. Hanami is the Japanese tradition of viewing the blooming of the Cherry blossoms with a picnic party.

Guppy is known for its delicious Japanese menu and quirky decor and this summer addition is a delight in itself. With the menu ranging from salads to sushi and the like, we absolutely recommend the Prawn Pirikara and the Sushi for our non-vegetarians. For the vegetarians we recommend the Kale&Water chestnut dumplings and the veg sushis. We also specifically recommend the Mango sushi (veg and non veg) for a different experience. Their sushi have slightly crispy rice on the outside, so it will appeal even to those who dont care very much for the taste of sushi. The casseroles were quite good too.

In the drinks menu, they have cocktails with Soju, Shochu and Sake to keep things interesting. The cocktails are made with all fresh ingredients which makes for very refreshing drinks. Our hands down favourite was the Ninja Slash, which contains 90 ml (Yes!) of soju and tastes as if there is absolutely no alcohol content in it (Bye bye bitter cocktails)

This menu is time limited (available till 15th July,2019) so Sushi lovers, head there quickly and make the most of this delicious summer menu.

Where- Guppy, 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New delhi

When- 3rd May-15th July 2019

Why- Quirky decor, delicious food made with fresh ingredients


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