Invest In You Chest With The Right Bra!

female-832266_1920.jpgShopping for bras isn’t as easy as shopping for a top or a pair of pants, if you do not know your correct bra size you may suffer from a bad posture, saggy breasts, etc., the list is endless. When shopping for bras for women, you may think you know everything but if you read on you will realise there is so much you still don’t know anything about.

Obtaining the right sized bras for women is a science. If you have ever purchased an unusual size like DD, E, F, G or H, you know most brands don’t carry them. In addition, sizes and comfort varies from brand to brand. Brands that do carry these unusual sizes will not have enough designs, styles or the right kind of fabric for you.


Do not give up so easily when you are picking bras for women, after all, you deserve the bra that can suit all your needs.

Here are the 3 things every woman who wears a bra must know:

  1.    Choose Your Band Wisely

The cup of your bra gives the required shape to your breasts but the band that your bra has is what gives you the support which your breasts need in order to stay young. The elasticity of collagen is one of the reasons for your breast sagging. So having the right support for your breasts is of utmost importance if you want to delay the sagging process. It may seem like the straps of your bra are responsible for all the support but in reality, if your bra has a good band then they will give you support like no else. Bras for women come in many shapes, sizes and designs. Many women even choose to go strapless if their bras have the right band support and proper cups shaping their breasts.


  1.    Do you really know your size?

Most women don’t even realise that they are wearing the wrong size of bra. Women’s bodies change as they age and bras for women are very hard to pick if you do not have the right kind of guidance. The bra that fits you in college is certainly not going to be a good fit when you are at work or when you have had a baby. Most women tend to go for the wrong size. If they have bigger breasts they tend to squeeze them into a smaller cup size that results in spilling and in turn lesser support. If your bra strap is falling, you are wearing the wrong size, if your underwire is digging into your breasts, time to change your bra size!


  1.    Know what a good fit is!

Most women are so stuck in their ways that they are afraid of experimenting with new brands and bra fits. They try a few pieces without the right measurement and stick with that size for the rest of their lives. If your strap digs into your shoulders or if the bra leaves marks on your body or gives you stretch marks, time for a change. You can easily follow some good tips to wear a bra which can help you get rid of all the discomfort and irritation.

It isn’t hard to pick the right bra size if you are an online shopper like me. Use websites that have the right guidelines for you to measure yourself to wear the right bra size. Otherwise, always ask a store assistant for help when purchasing a bra. Most good store assistants will measure you on the spot and tell you your correct size. Invest in your chest, like your hair is your crowning glory, your breasts are what give you your femininity!


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