LIVE India Food Tour at Ardor 2.1

It is so simple to say that multiple cuisines placed in an India map shaped plate are served at Ardor 2.1. However, is reality also the same? No, much more complex then these 14 words statement. Even 14 pages of description would not even suffice for that. That is the kind of research and analysis that has been poured in.

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Some interesting facts about this Election special or United India thali.

  • Each state’s specialty is placed over its actual location in thali. Means you will find Lithi chokha of Bihar over the region of Bihar in thali.
  • Since first thought, it took almost 6 months to get this idea to table
  • With 29 preparations on same plate it has something for every palate
  • Diversity increases when you get to know that it is available in both Veg and Non-veg options.
  • On day of election if you have voted and have that tick mark on finger, you get unlimited supply of preparation of the state you belong to.

So, what’s in the menu, still a question? What not, here it is…


You still need a reason? For me this Thali was not just a multi cuisine meal instead an educational food tour of the country. Another good part is that you can taste it all but can’t finish it all by yourself. So, plan a date with your loved ones and go for this LIVE food tour of the country. You will love it.

Happy Eating… 😊

Credit: Nipun
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