Brewing Cocktails!

When you think of a cocktail, what comes to mind immediately? Certainly not Coffee! Think coffee and cocktails are a rare combination? Well, the guys from Baba’s Beans are here to prove you wrong!

Aloft Hotels at Aerocity, New Delhi recently held a 2-day DIY Coffee Cocktails workshop in association with Baba’s Beans and we’ve got all the deets for you. Did you know India is the sixth largest grower of coffee and that while the world goes ga-ga over the Arabica beans, India actually produces the best Robusta beans, which lend in a more powerful punch to your morning brews?

The Workshop, which was held at the beautiful Aloft hotels, where soothing music and great art provided the perfect relaxing atmosphere, was part of the hotel’s plan to introduce the world to coffee, not just as your kick start to the day, but also coffee, lending a relaxed ending to your day, in the form of cocktails. The task set out in front of us? Use coffee, whiskey and other sweet and acidic ingredients to create your own concoction, just the way you like it. And boy, did we deliver! From simple 3 ingredient cocktails to some spectacularly complex ones, the workshop saw it all.

And what did we take away from it? That, as difficult as it sounds, it’s possible to make your perfect drink in the comforts of your own homes. You just need 4 variables- A choice of brew (trust us, coffee is a great mixer for cocktails), your choice of poison, some sweetness(syrups,chocolate,juices) and some acidity(fresh citrus fruits)/ spices(cinnamon, cloves, etc.) to balance that sweetness. Fun fact- try a mix of brewed caffeine with single malt whiskey, pineapple juice, cardamom and strawberry syrup! We guarantee you’ll love it! Or play around with your own flavours and see what you can concoct. So long folks, Keep Brewing!

Our Concoction!
Our Concoction!

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