Foodhall always has treats for everyone!

All the Foodhall lovers in the house raise your hands up!

Quite a few of you, right?!

We got a chance to indulge in the endless variety of F&B that it offers, last week, during a masterclass at Foodhall, Chanakya the Mall.

You ask what the masterclass be on ..and let me tell you about the quick runthrough that it was..about the wonders of ‘Almond Milk’.

Yes, the world of 2019 is not oblivious that increased awareness about being fit, and the love and care for animals has given rise to the consumer pattern of dairy-free customers and Vegans.

Owing to the same, cow milk has found its replacement in the super healthy and protein filled  , ‘Almond Milk’.

The chef present at this masterclass at Foodhall, Chanakya the Mall explained that Almon Milk can be easily prepared at home, by soaking almonds overnight, and grinding it’s peeled version to the core.

We witnessed the following recipes during the session that day:


  1. Cream Cheese Spinach Patte with Almond Milk

  2.  Dark Chocolate Blueberry Mouse with Almond Milk

    There were also generous cups of Coffee from the maestro cart of Cafe Cerrado, and a sumptuous Belgian choco chip waffle

whatsapp image 2019-01-11 at 5.07.56 pmWhat we found ourselves doing afterward was, getting lost through the labyrinth of infinite varieties of Cheese, grocery, beverages, chocolates, and bakery at Foodhall.


Don’t believe us?! ..Plan your trip to it soon and find out yourself.

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