What’s Trending? Bartrender!

Like they say, Behind every great man, is a great woman. Behind every great love, is a great story. But do you know what’s behind every great drink? A great Bartender!!

The House of Karma Kismet brings to you, BARTRENDER, where cocktails are inspired from journeys, from Kashmir to Bengal and Bangkok. The media launch night was a- You Guessed It- (Bar)TRENDING affair.

Situated right above Nik Bakers in GK-II, this pub is complete with a dark theme, graffiti-ed walls and the bar area has an interesting honeycomb-y feel to it. Here, take a look:

Opening its doors in the happening M block market of GK-II, what’s unique about this one you ask? Well, go try their cocktails and you might not need an answer from us. Be it the Spic-ilious twist on the Khari Bowli Whiskey Sour or their take on the citrusy story behind Suryanamaskar, along with the quirky appetisers like ‘Shakarkandi on a dandi’ (yes folks, that’s really the name), we are completely sold on a night out here! Combine that with a rocking DJ, and you got yourselves a grooving night. Take a look at the cocktails we’re so raving about:

Don’t mistake this for beer… this is their orange-infused take on a SuryaNamaskar
Our favourite, Friday Bazaar, is a sweet yet power packed cocktail
Khari Bowli Whiskey sour was a hot favourite amongst the crowd.

So, weekend plans sorted or what!?

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