Keep Walking! White Walker from Johnnie Walker




Nobody knows precisely how long people have been distilling alcohol, but it seems likely that the practice is at least four thousand years old.


Traditionally, during Christmas, we all get pickled! Let’s face it, most of us swim in whiskey and while other take dip in various blends of alcohol. The festive season not only brings good times but also calls for a celebration. What other than a bottle of nice Scotch paired with your friends and family.


While alcohol has been a big business ever since humans discovered wine. Companies are launching new products every now and then. Companies plan on differentiating their product from others by adding new flavours or packing.

As promised, HBO and Johnnie Walker have joined forces to create a Game of Throne inspired blended scotch dubbed White Walker by Johnnie Walker.. The theme has been selected as per the last season of the show, depicting the strong hold of the Night King and his army.

The single malt whisky takes its name from the feared supernatural creatures who inhabit the frozen lands north of The Wall on the fantasy megahit. Bottled at 41.7 percent ABV, the gimmicky scotch has “notes of caramelized sugar and vanilla, fresh red berries with a touch of orchard fruit,” according to the company.

The White Walker whisky, a blend from two single malt scotches from Cardhu and Clynelish distilleries in northern Scotland, is meant to be served freezing cold.

When put in a freezer, the iconic 750ml bottle’s white and blue thermochromic pigmented ink will glow, a nod to the colours emitted by the eyes of the show’s wicked white walkers.


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