Kitty Party of 8 Women’s special offer at Barbeque Nation

The enormous range and variety of food available at Barbeque Nation and in this offer is totally value for money! A leisurely and lively afternoon filled with delicious food, fun times and games with your girl gang, all at rupees 499 per head is totally worth the money! This includes tons of variety in veg and non-veg fare, mocktails, dessert shakes, live grilled starters, main course, live chaat, dessert, and pasta counters.


Of course the highlight at Barbeque Nation is the char-grilled starters that always impress. Chef Manoj also made some new and special ones that weren’t on the menu  for our blogger kitty part. FYI, the menu can also be customized, especially if you have allergies and substitutes will be suggested and provided.


We focussed on relishing the starters and after that, we played a game of housie followed by a light tasting of the main course.

The Barbeque Pineapple was sweet juicy succulent pineapple and perfectly spiced.

The Paneer Lajawab was soft and subtly spiced.

The lemon basil mushroom was quite different, definitely a favourite and all the flavours blended well.

Crispy corn was just as the name suggests

Cajun Spice Potato is a hot favourite and we can never get enough of it! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with a yummy mayo dressing

The rice paper roll with veggie bits was slightly spicy and comforting.

Chef Manoj then got us Cheesy Black Pepper Pineapple and even shared the recipe. It was a lovely blend and burst of flavours and textures. Here is the recipe: Saute some pineapple slices in butter, Top with salt, pepper, and cheese and voila! Soft, sweet buttery pineapple and sharp pepper and salty cheese.


The tawa sabzi was a real treat too.

We washed all this down with peach-flavoured iced-tea though there were plenty of milkshake and kulfi-shakes available but we wanted to keep it light.

Honestly, we were stuffed with the starters and didn’t have much of the varied main course. The pumpkin rosemary soup was light and perfect for the winter season.


We had a bite of the desserts and the best was the mango one. Some of the bite-sized ones tasted very syrupy and artificial. The brownie was good.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the food is yummy, the service is excellent and prompt and the staff is courteous and warm and the ambiance is lively with our favourite English retro music. However, they could change up the menu a bit, offer some adventurous or new starters and perhaps reduce the number of main course dishes and offer some unique variety instead.

Overall, it was a great experience and one we would recommend. Eat up,  (soft) drink up and Have a great time with your gal-pals!


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