Le Creuset and Osama Jalali


You must be wondering at the bit strange title? This is how it is when the east and the west meet. Osama Jalali plays with century old Le Creuset from France and the legacy recipes of purani Dilli at Kheer – Roseate House, Aerocity. When the best meet, the results have to be awesome and nothing else.


The afternoon started with the starters curated by Chef Anuj Wadhawan, Executive Chef at Roseate House. The surprise was the chukkander ki tikki with chukkander ki chutney.  It just doesn’t look beautiful, tastes as well.


Then Chef Osama showcased Chicken Korma, Mughlai paneer and Rampuri Gulathi Kheer in a specially curated masterclass. All were cooked in vibrant and luxurious Le Creuset cookware. We were able to interact with the Chef in this live session, understanding the each ingredient, process and how both the French and Indian traditions blend.


The Le Creuset Cookware is world renowned for its premium quality ranges of enamelled cast iron cookware, multi-ply stainless steel, toughened non-stick, stoneware and ceramics, along with it outstanding range of wine accessories. The cookware stands out in design, vibrant and distinct colours. Also the versatility of preparing, cooking and serving in Le Creuset style goes very well with Indian style.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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