Stylish Corsican Mixologist @ Grappa Lounge & Bar, New Delhi. 7th & 8th December


Main courses are never as good as the starters, people like to say. I’ve always argued that a good chef won’t let that happen, same goes for the bartender or a mixologist when it comes to select a good cocktail over a cognac/beer/scotch etc. I have to admit that it does seem true for a lot of bars, at least in the capital city. There are exceptions, of course, but as a general rule, it’s the same.

One of several reasons to like Grappa Bar, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel’s main attraction at Connaught Place, is the variety in their cocktail menu. You can imagine all sorts of options which might satisfy the finest of the drinkers in town. With a bunch of talented mixologists whipping up refreshing Italian-inspired cocktails in an breathtaking indoor-outdoor setting, with a quaint open deck overlooking he lush green gardens.

An evening curated by Alexandre Renoue, the stylish Corsican mixologist. He graced the audience with two of his signature cocktails from an armory of plenty, wherein he brought out various blends via them. Creole Whiskey Sour and La Madrina.

IMG_5229 2

Creole Whiskey sour brings in the sour taste of bourbon and Cognac, which is beautifully balanced by sugar syrup and touch of orange essence. This drink signifies the freshen of fresh citrus fruit along with a touch of mandarin to the whiskey sour and served on hand-crafted ice ball.

La Madrina is a combination of Italian Limoncello flavor with the Japanese plum Umeshu. The drink is a bliss in disguise. As one takes a single sip, they can feel the light and refreshing feeling. The sour taste of Limoncello is perfectly balanced with the sweet sake ‘Umeshu’, it is rightly support


Alexandre would be serving his 6 best signature drinks over the next two days. Don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunity!


When: 7th& 8thDecember

Where: Grappa Bar, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi








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