Restaurant review; BBQ Nation, Mumbai

1Think of authentic Punjabi food and what crosses your mind first? Chicken tandoori? Has to be! And then the tantalizing tikkas, chole, biryani, lassi and so much more. Punjabi cuisine is a real treat and that’s what you can expect from the ongoing Punjabi food fest at Barbeque Nation in Mumbai, which ends on 17th October, 2018. I got a chance to review Barbeque Nation in Bandra and here’s how it went…


My friend and I decided to begin our Punjabi food experience with a refreshing mocktail. Leaving behind the regular pretty Pina colada and the forever boring fruit punch, I decided to try the Citrus Mint Cooler here. It was refreshing, yes but nothing extra ordinary. Next, it was time to sample some Lassi. This was to die for! Someone who loves curd in anything and everything is the best person to judge a glass of lassi. The very first sip and I fell in love with it.


Barbeque Nation, known for its unique ‘do-it-yourself’ grilling experience is THE place for diehard non vegetarian food lovers. That live grill with unlimited skewers of Angaara Tangdi, Jalandhari Seekh Kebab, Hara Pyaz Ki Macchi, Lassoni Jhinga and not to forget the Punjabi Paneer Tikka – OMG! All of this looked absolutely stunning, and tasted great too! Well, this is not it! How could I not try the Pani Puri at a Punjabi food festival? I got my plate full of crispy puris filled with boondi and some tasty chatpata paani in the center. This wasn’t bad at all! I’d say grab your foodie friend and visit this place before the food festival ends, just like I did.
Main Course
Most buffet places are better known for their starters than the main course but that may not be the right thing to say for Barbeque Nation. The main course spread here was as interesting as the starter spread. I walked the whole stretch and was really excited to move on with the main course. I tried the Paneer Tikka Masala, along with some Punjab Special Butter Chicken, a roti and my all time favourite Dahi Wada. They were all light on spices and good but the winner here was the Dahi Wada. The curd was perfectly sweet and the Dahi Wada was prepared to perfection, absolutely moist and flavourful. Ending my main course without Biryani wasn’t happening at any cost. And so I finally tried my happy food – Tandoori Chicken Tikka Biryani. I was expecting this to be The Best but sadly, it was too dry and bland.

It’s a SIN to say No to desserts, no matter how high you are on food. So next, I moved on to the desserts section and I simply refused to move from there. They had a variety of delicious desserts put up at the counter including every Punjabi’s favourite – Gulab Jamun, Garma Garam Jalebis, Khulfi, Moong Dal Halwa, Kesar Phirni, Gud Ka Chawal and a few more interesting options like Carrot Delight, Strawberry Cheesecake, Choco Choco Pastry and so much more. What I liked best was the Choco Pastry and the Kesar Phirni. They were both really good – light and not-too-sweet. Plus, they just melted in the mouth. The only thing missing here was Rabdi. However, the delicious Jalebis and other items pretty much made up for it.


Whether or not you’re a Punjabi food freak, I recommend you visit Barbeque Nation before the food festival ends on 17th Oct. The innovation on the menu is worth praising. Good service, welcoming staff, warm ambience and great food – all of this together deserves nothing less than a 4/5. So what are you waiting for? #JattSetGo!

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