For the love of flying

Flying seems to be a dreaded word nowadays as most people have stopped loving this experience instead focussing on the mendacity and drudgery associated with it. A survey conducted a few years ago proclaimed the Delhi – Mumbai air route to be the 4th busiest air route in the world! In fact with flights getting cheaper by the day and airports becoming busier by the minute, who can blame them. However flying can still be a joyous experience for some and I’m one of those individuals, shockingly, who loves the journey and despite the fact that flights can be exhausting, there are ways in which flying can be thought of in a more positive way – a chance to relax, energize and look out onto the open blue skies.


  1. A time to disconnect

How regularly do we get the chance to kill our telephones and log off WhatsApp and Instagram nowadays? Digital detox seems to be the spiritual mantra of our times and planes offer us the best place to detoxify digitally albeit for a short few hours. So read the book that you have been wanting to for months or indulge yourself with a luxury magazine in hand. Rest, relax, tune in to music, watch a couple of shows and possibly tune in to that favorite music collection you never got around to.

  1. The love of being catered to

I don’t think about you yet I really appreciate those little sandwiches, bites and small dinners they serve on planes. Imagine a hectic Mumbai to Delhi flight, it is a great feeling to be catered to and the hospitality on a plane journey, especially the good ones is a delight. Choose from your favorite Indian/Western dishes or even give in to the craving of an indulgent dessert – it is pretty special.


  1. Interesting conversation with fascinating people

I’ve met some brilliant individuals on one of my flight to Mumbai and in spite of the fact that it’s fine to tend to your very own concerns and rest, read or tune in to music, many people prefer the excitement of spending time in the company of strangers who can liven up the hours of travel. For the extrovert minded a chance to mingle with interesting people can bring joy back into flying.

  1. It’s exciting

Flying is fun since it’ll take you to glorious new places and destinations, especially as India grows and airports are open in far-flung places like Sikkim, it is exciting to explore the beauty of such places. The journey to an unknown destination can spring in surprises and can make usually drab things like airport terminals seem fresh.


  1. Memories for a lifetime

Tell me how many times we can truly look at the world from 20,000 feet above ground. If that is not exciting enough then taking an early morning flight or a sunset flight can be dazzling insofar to see the beauty of the world. There are some stunning opportunities to click memorable pictures even for the most camera phobic people. From dazzling dusks to city fly-overs, ensuring you get a seat by the window when you check in will be one of the most brilliant choices you at any point made.

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