I’m a hoarder.

I’m a hoarder. At least I have the genes of one. I don’t know if hoarding is hereditary but my grandmom was a hoarder and so am I.
I’m slightly different than her because I don’t save something for eternity. I can sell, re-purpose, re-use and giveaway if needed.
Giving away is hard for hoarders. Usually, I only give away when I have been nagged by someone close to me. And nagged not just for a day for months or sometimes even years. But, that doesn’t help either. When the realisation comes from within I decide to do a cleanse and give up junk.
My grandmom wasn’t as lucky as I was. She liked to hold on to everything she had. She kept everything. Old flowers, empty cans, the food she liked (until it would rot).
Hoarding is certainly linked to some kind of a trauma in one’s life. Trauma leads to losing control and hoarding helps the hoarder feel in temporary control. Later it takes over your life and leaves you feeling helpless.
I have a lot of stuff lying around my house that I don’t think I will ever use. However, there is always the hope that I will.
Websites like OLX India and Quikr might be a good idea for hoarders to try and offload some stuff for money and still be in complete control.
Hoarding is also a mental health issue so if you see someone around you getting out of control, contact a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist before the problem gets out of hand.

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