Grey Goose, Blue Tokai, MIAM= A café de nuit

All the Blue Tokai fans in the house; raise your hands! I know, quite a bundle of you.

The enticing title says it all. What more can I elaborate?

So a café de Nuit is essentially a night Café. Wow! And making this artistic work come to life, with perfection was none other than the world’s best Vodka brand – #GreyGoose. It bro-fisted the country’s beloved Coffee Roastery – Blue Tokai to paint a glamorous yet chilled out evening lit by the signature Blue Tokai vibes, finest brewed Coffee and delectable bites.

Attended by the renowned chefs Radhika and Megha Kohli of Rising Hospitality(of Fig&Maple, Ive&Bean fame) and Chef Bani from MIAM Patisserie; some homegrown entrepreneurs of the Saket belt and the whizz of Bacardi, India.

The night spoke elegance and rustique with all the laid-back charm.


The stars of the night – Exquisite concoctions of Blue Tokai signature cold brewed Coffee with master blends of Grey Goose Vodka had 3 Coffee Cocktails for the night.

  1. Espresso Martini –A strong dose, especially for the Martini lovers! It had Blue Tokai medium roast house blend shaken and stirred with Grey Goose Vodka and a pinch of Himalayan Salt to create a devil’s delight.

This was garnished with dark chocolate in the shape of the known Grey Goose logo.

  1. Bold Arabica’s Cold Brew diffusion with Pina Colada and Vodka, anyone?! –

This was the tropical favourite French drink, with gentle tastes of Coconut water, Pineapple and Banana punch, paired with the Global choice Vodka and India’s own Blue Tokai Nutty Medium Roast.


Yummm! This was hot among the crowd.

  1. Good ol’ Nitro Tonic with the Grey – Okay, I particularly relished this one too! It was a smooth satiation and well prepared with Tonic, Blue Tokai signature Bold Arabica Cold Blend and Grey Goose Vodka.

Accompanying the handsome drinks were:

  • All-time Classic Chips with Sour crème dip
  • IMG_20180808_211926.jpg
  • Cheese Garlic Sandwich Bites
  • img_20180808_211938.jpg
  • Baked Beetroot Crackers
  • IMG_20180808_211917.jpg

Adding sweetness to the rendezvous were impeccable Chocolate Macaroons and Biscotti based Tri-Cake Strips by the Absolute Patisserie – MIAM by Bani Nanda.




  Get all the ingredients mentioned above and craft a beautiful chilling scene for yourself, ‘what say?!


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