Fabindia’s Fab Café at Aerocity, a lavish Organic Feast

This new dinner sits subtly amidst the opulent towers of New Delhi’s Aerocity and is a complete culinary and aesthetic delight.

This restaurant speaking soothing interiors is the masterchild of chefs and old classmates Tirath Singh and Sunil Chauhan, and the hospitable concept designer and manager, Rebekah Blank. From the welcoming vibes, as soon as you enter the café to the freshness in the ambience, the ingredients are as freshly cooked, off-beat and healthyIMG_20180727_214107.jpg

The dishes here, whether the appetizers, main course or sweet tooth’s relish; all have been inspired by India’s diverse palates, are light on the gut yet wholesome and delicious. Do try their other exciting stuff from the menu.



My favourite appetizer has to be the wheat-free vegetarian momos stuffed with water chestnut, spring onion and spinach in a root starch coating. Very different from the usually limited veg options that you get! It’s Garlic and Chive Chutney with herb oil nicely brings out a scrumptious flavor.


Give me moree!

Fabcafé offers a unique Beetroot Tikki , with a dollop of in Dahi, mint and tamarind chutneys and a crispy Lotus stem. I like the crunch of the topping and the vivid taste of the bun.


The Sugarcane juice, quite well prepared with generous ginger, is a well-required summer cooler



And there was also a munching glee- of fried Lady-Finger, potato skins and beetroot flats.









But! Before we move ahead, the Coffee is worth a try. Now, when you’re a beverage-specific, not all Baristas brew a gratifying cup for you, right?!

I loved the Coffee here, especially it’s aroma, and it’s sweet presentation with their signature Nut-Oat crumble cookie and a Marigold flower.I took a second helping of it.

The main speciality here is the fulfilling Kathal Quinoa Biryani with Mixed Herbs! Yes, you read that right, a Biryani variant of Quinoa and not Rice. Served with the flavoursome Saalan and Raita; and! A Beetroot, Pineapple and basic pickle were accompanying it too.

The dessert was a sugar rush with gooey caramelized Banana Cake. The first moisture locked Banana bread instead of a sponge texture


Oh! And ya, Imma vegetarian, but the non-veg folks dived into Fab café ‘s juice Mutton Galouti Kebabs, so you should order that too.

All in all, a nice, must try experience for a cute and filling dine.

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