Vivafit, only for Women fitness Center, Gurgaon

One, it’s a gym only for women!

Second, it’s using new a new way to attain fitness so it’s not one of the usual gyms!



I was glad I could get a chance to visit Vivafit and I got to know how it is not at all difficult to attain fitness! It killed all my doubts and intimidations. Also, having said that no matter what you say, there is more comfort when its women only gym! Like you can be yourself and you can do what you like.


I even got a chance to have a word with the owner and she told me how they do a counseling for every new member. They try and understand their body type, their requirements and then only they refer them the exercise regime!
I guess it’s a brilliant thing rather than randomly making your body go through any routine. Every body type is different and everybody requirement is different!

Also to mention, they have well maintained changing rooms, a well-equipped work out area, good staff and last but not the least, amazing and most flexible trainer.

And if not anything then go for their Zumba session boys and girls, I was there for the session and wow! Like literally wow! What adrenaline rush and intense session! With good music, a super talented trainer, you are bound to move to the grooves!

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