Canon EOS 6D Mark II – A few days with the beast

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is Canon’s entry level full frame DSLR that aims at many enthusiasts and amateurs too. Solidly built and aesthetically pleasing, the all – new 26MP sensor has something called the Dual Pixel technology which is important to autofocus accurately especially when it comes to live view shooting.  The autofocus system is 45 points along with a fully tilting touchscreen, built-in Wi-fi, GPS and a decent 6.5 fps burst shooting mode.

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This 6D Mark II one has been a long time coming and it does not disappoint as it has a markedly better resolution, performance, battery life and video shooting capability over its predecessors.


Here is a snapshot of all its features:

  • New 26MP CMOS full-frame sensor with Dual Pixel AF
  • 1080/60p video capture with in-lens + digital stabilization
  • 45-point all-cross-type AF system
  • Dual Pixel AF for both stills and video capture
  • ISO 100-40,000 (expandable to 102,400)
  • 6.5 fps continuous shooting (4.5 fps in Live View)
  • 3″ fully articulating touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi w/NFC and Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS

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The ergonomics are quite enhanced as it is a camera that is great to grip and hold. The buttons too are easy to reach without the need to look away from the viewfinder. The Mark II  has a dedicated shutter speed and aperture button and though you do get used to changing the ISO while looking through the viewfinder, a dedicated ISO button would have been great.

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Wireless Connectivity

Wireless seems to be the mantra we are all living by and the Mark II follows the same. It features Bluetooth and NFC and pairs quickly with most phones. There is also Canon’s Camera Connect software and app that allows you to wirelessly transfer pictures or even click a picture via the app.

Picture Specifics

The 26 MP camera gives it an edge over its competitors in the same price point, and that gives it an advantage as pictures are clear, crisp and even when you take a print on an A3 sheet, the pictures hold very well.

The ISO also holds very well till 8000 after which the pictures do start to look grainy, still, it is an impressive performance. Canon’s inherent solid photo reproduction is evident in the Mark II. The hues are captured perfectly, the dynamic range is outstanding and the auto white balance makes the picture stand out.

It is also a much faster camera and the photos are processed quickly as well.

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Overall , the Canon 6d Mark II is a really good entry level full frame camera that most enthusiasts will be very happy to have. The new touchscreen, amazing picture quality and Wi fi in the camera are great new additions, ones that enhance its reputation and make it a solid camera to have.

There are some missing features like an extra SD card slot and 4K camera recording but with enough features to satiate most camera enthusiasts , this sure is a great buy.

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