Restaurant Review, Imperial Spice, CP

Imperial Spice is one of the restaurant added in Connaught place’s kitty and I got the chance to visit it!

You will get such warm welcome at the entrance only! Enter the hotel and you will feel happy from every corner of the being!! It’s comfortably situated  in M Block CP and you will have no problems in finding it!

Well for the place, it’s quite pretty!

Restaurant is beautiful, interiors are not too flashy or not too bland, it’s a low lit restaurant so basically its my favoruite! .. Cant forgot to mention that the place is lit up with candles all over and I personally love the candle lit setting so it was a win-win situation for me!

We started our meal with the starters paired with cocktails and then moved on to the main course. while their starters were just about decent their main course was min blasting. what flavors! all brilliant!

Everything was amazing, I ended up eating little more than I expected.. Ofcourse because of the taste it provided me.

Overall a friendly staff, pretty picturesque interiors, lit up candles and good food made my evening! I had a great time, time for you to spend a good one too!!

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