Product launch – Quaker Whole Oats


If one has not been exposed to the reams of web space dedicated to the goodness and wonder that are oats, they must be living under a rock.

This wonder food is highly nutritious, lends favorably to flavors, is doctor recommended and full of energy that helps satiate you longer.



(Oats thandai with beetroot ricotta and fruits)

Oats can be had with milk, yogurt, almond milk, water and one can have a variety of both Indian and international dishes with this one ingredient. However, there are many purists who always wondered if the oats that most people have – the steel cut variety – are the healthiest variety and give the consumer the full nutritional value of oats.


(Oats curd rice with parmesan crisp)

Basically, most oats consumed in India are the steel cut variety – which is the most processed among oats and are also called instant oats. they take far lesser time to cook and hence are a great option for breakfast.

Quaker has come up with a less processed, healthier variety of oats – Quaker whole oats and changed the landscape once again. Also known as rolled oats in many parts of the world, whole oats are a source of whole grains, which means they come packed with a bunch of beneficial nutrients including fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants.


Quaker brand ambassador Vikas Khanna was present to tell us more about the product and gave us a masterclass on how to use these. The two dishes he came up with showcased the variety in oats in general but the new whole oats add a much needed wonderful texture that is critical to so many dishes.


It is great to see that Quaker has come up with whole oats, among the healthiest and most nutritious food in the planet and a much needed daily driver in our struggle to keep our bodies fit.


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