Phone Review: Honor 10

It seems hard to believe but we are halfway into 2018 and as with the previous years, it seems to have been a cracker for new phones. Especially the Chinese phone manufacturers have wowed the world with excellent quality, state of the art technology at an affordable price. The Honor 10 is another new entrant and following are its salient points:

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  • New design

The Honor 10, much like other flagships, has changed its design to a notch and a nearly bezel less screen. Though the phone has a lip too but it still looks attractive and especially the colorful deep blue that changes to a royal purple too.


  • New age technology

The biggest draw of the Honor 10 is its in screen fingerprint sensor which is ultrasonic and due to that it has bigger screen real estate.


  • Powerful processor

Rocking a Kirin 970 chipset, though not as powerful as last year, it still gioves great performance for most daily tasks and even many heavy duty tasks like recording at 60 fps or extracting 4k videos etc.


honor 10.png

Some things which are not so good about the Honor 10:


  • Similarity with the Huawei P20

The biggest worry about this phone is that the Huawei P20, a bigger brother of the phone not only looks similar but has specs to match. There is a lot of similarity with the P 20 and as the Honor has come so close on the heels of the P20, it does not leave a mark.


  • Camera

One cannot but overstate the importance of a camera in a smartphone and the Honor 10 does not satisfy on that front. It is not as good in low light as other flagships of 2018 with relatively greater noise.


  • Missing features

The Honor 10 loses out on a micro SD card slot, no official waterproof rating and even the 4k video recording is quite choppy as it does not have any image stabilization. Moreover, the Android skin in the Honor is a bit of a hit or miss and may not be to everyone’s taste.

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