Karma Kismet | Restaurant review

IMG_20180611_193629_HHT.jpgTheir USP is taste, simple and beautiful. The taste is simple and delicate, and presentation is beautiful. The plating speaks of the efforts by the chef. I liked the place for everything be it ambiance, food, logistics or service. The place uplifts the mood for evening. It is dimly lit, with nice fragrance, soothing music being played in the background. As we entered the restaurant feeling of calmness come in the soul and the inner voice said that this is the place to be.


We started with cocktails having interesting names, Suryanamaskar and Kalyug. Suryanamaskar was bit sweet and kalyug spicy, both the drinks well justified their names.


Vegetarian appetizer Galouti ki kismet surpasses even the authentic Galouti kebab, very mildly spiced and disappears on the palate. Kataifi artichoke kebab was another piece of art. We also tried gulnar tikka, but hearts were captured by the former two, so this despite being good was behind.


Apart from the veg starters we tried couple of non-veg starters, Kala Murg Malai, Kasundi Salmon tikka and angaar murg tikka. However, my heart was already grabbed by Veg starters. There was one thing common across all the preparations. None was too spiced up, flavours very well balanced, no bad after taste and artful presentation.


Main-course was again won by a Vegetarian. The server told us that they prepare Dal Makhni for three days, and no surprise they have named it as Dal Karma. The taste was so good, that can be expressed in words. You must be thinking, it is just a Dal. But you must visit and taste it to resonate with my feelings.


Another interesting preparation was Bharwan Purple potato. It was a gravy-based dish and the purple potato was stuffed with cream cheese. It was my first meeting with something known as purple potato and it was good. The gravies were all awesome be it that of butter chicken, purple potato or paneer makhni. Warqui naan, is another delight. The speciality of it is the softness and the flavours that come from the sixteen layers. Paan has evolved at this place and is placed in desserts. It is also named as evolution of paan. It has a lot and not just kattha and gulkand. To me it looked like a work of micro art, too much on a single leaf.


On your visit to the place, if you are not able to decide anything from the menu, just go for Dal Karma and warqui naan, you will come down stairs with a smile.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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