Service Review: VLCC VanityCube – Home Salon Services – 1/5 Stars


VLCC VanityCube – Home Salon Services screwed my pedicure and the customer service team never returned my calls.

Details: So I get an insane amount of calls all day and I, unfortunately, always get them when I am at the Salon or am doing something important. I was on call and getting a pedicure at the same time so I didn’t notice how it had been done. When I realised it was too late. The VLCC girl had left. My feet were rough, the dead skin from my soles hadn’t been removed properly and my nail paint was a disaster.

I quite liked VLCC’s Vanity Cube when it had just started but its been all downhill since then. I quite like the idea and I really hope they can fix their issues!

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5 thoughts on “Service Review: VLCC VanityCube – Home Salon Services – 1/5 Stars

  1. Horrible service they calll u like crazy when they hav to book an appointment after u give them the feedback they will hardly call u girl was not carrying branded nail paint she was carrying the brand called magic horrible doesn’t have the equipment no steamer does not even have the pumice stone . Was not able to give the shape to my eyebrows hair spa wan done in 15 minutes which also includes 2 minutes of head masssage horrible it was no steaming was given until u have asked for it did not even cleaned my nails after pedicure and manicure

  2. Idiot manager offers u a complimentary back massage as service recovery when u took services of almost 6000 in a day are we beggars

  3. I would give zero stars to vanitycube because of my horrible experience with them.i was horrified and offended by the beautician and managers attitude and this is the email I write to vanitycube. The gist of my experience was that that ere was a carefree 1 package booked.when I booked the appointment I specifically asked for a confirmation call because previously I had booked an appointment for and almost half hour after appointment the beautician called saying she was just assignment the appointment and asked till what time she could come.i had cancelled that appointment and decided never again I will take service from Vlcc vanitycube.

    Clearly I made a very big mistake in giving the company another chance.That day after confirmation call in afternoon from some manager (after call center booking) , there was a call (after the managers call, beautician said she needed to confirm the address) from the assigned beautician who confirmed the area of appointment (where I live)

    Again the beautician had called 4-5 times s after reaching the area to know the exact building.My mother called out to her from window to guide her when she was at the building gate.Now the beautician called up and refused to come for service saying my manager has said this service cannot be done.when i asked why she said that, she says because I told manager that “yeh building mujhe think nahi lagti hai”.I asked her to tell the managers to call me.The manager Pranav (name changed) now tried to cover up saying it is not within boundary limit.what a joke.

    manager Pranav(name changed) might think customer are fools to attempt this cover.Its absolutely ridiculous.

    Either the company’s s people don’t have basic courtesy and processes in place (, because you are claiming that it I’d outside boundary when address was confirmed by both manager and beautician) or their beauticians have their own specific criteria of the “looks of a building” and only then will do their jobs of giving salon service.

    Frankly I am utterly humiliated by the comments of the beautician and the audacity of the manager to then undermine my intelligence by saying nit in boundary.i don’t believe it even once because they confirmed the address several times.

    I have concluded from this experience that their beauticians are elitist snobbish people who think it’s below them to give at home salon service to clients who live in an old building, so I don’t wish ever to ever take any service from VLCC vanitycube.

    I seriously think it’s bad for me to allow a judgemental snobbish beautician into my thank God I have seen what is the attitude of this company towards it’s clients who dont live in buildings to the liking or standards of their employees/beauticians

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