7 Pines – An English Retreat | Review

Two questions are always on top of mind when we are searching a hotel for stay. One, “khana kaisa hai?” “How is the food?” and Second, “Overall Kaisa hai?” “how is the property overall?” Second question is actually a subjective question, where the concern is about location, prices, hospitality, services and lot more. Well, answer to the first question can be a one-word, however second question can also be answered in one word as “Perfect” if the question is asked for 7 Pines, Kasauli Hills, Kasauli.


When I was reading about the property it was mentioned as an English Retreat, however the critic side of me said, “yeh toh naam mein sab use kar lete hai”. Though stay at the place, made me changed my view and also reminded me of the British Colonial texts and properties I have interacted with. The property is designed in a home stay style. Each room has a balcony which overlooks Shimla hills and pine forests. The place has charming exterior and interiors.



The place has all the comforts of luxury retreat. It is a best place to unwind from the hustle bustle of the City life. Few hours drive from Delhi makes it a weekend getaway, so no need to plan a vacation. Staff is so courteous and humble that they redefine the word hospitality.


IMG_20180419_201345 (2).jpg

We were taken on a walk through the pine forests by one of the hotel staff, and on the way back few of our friends were left behind as they were doing some landscape and nature photography. We reached back hotel and after quite some time when our friends didn’t return we were wondering where they have been. Though the place and surrounding is safe so there was nothing as such to worry about. But our hungry souls were waiting for them for brunch. The hotel guy took all the effort by himself, even without anybody asking for that to go all the way up and find them.



Talked a lot about the second question, now moving to the first part and that too my favourite, the food. The dining at the place is a traditional homely meal. Vegetables are sourced from the kitchen garden and spiced with local spices from the region. The best part is even with local influence the luxury and hospitality standards are exceptionally high and the English retreat comes lively.


With Kasauli having too much to offer such as nature trail, windy paths, quaint shops and also home to one of largest brewery of the world clubbed with luxurious stay at 7 Pines, is definitely one of the best weekend getaway from Delhi, to unwind from the rigor urban life.


Credit: Nipun
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