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You want to lose weight however love to eat out? You always crib after having a meal outside that you should have controlled yourself? Believe all tasty things are unhealthy? If you answered all of them as YES, then Hwealth café is your place to be. The menu is healthy and is equally tasty so one can eat it all without any guilt.


The taste is different and not so common. The reason being, they have included all the ingredients which are healthy and you won’t find the taste as usual. However the taste is good. In fact the presentation as well as preparation both are good and demand appreciation.


Ambiance is soothing, nature inspired greens and woods have an influence. Seating is comfortable and you can enjoy that nutritious smoothie in a comfort of sofa with friends without counting calories. The place is neat and tidy.


Pricing is apt and not too much for the kind of efforts being poured in curating the menu. The menu also offers a variety to choose from. The courteous staff adds to the flavour of the serving. Would recommend anything and everything from the menu.


The USP of the place, need not be mentioned is the healthy Junk Food. One can now think of burger without being remorseful about the calories intake.


They have couple of outlets in Delhi, but we visited the one at Nehru Place. There is ample of parking space just opposite the café, so to beat this summer heat it is time to grab your smoothie with choice of burger at Hwealth café.

Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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