Visit this taste heaven! Tanoshii trail launched in GK M Block Market

If you look up at the meaning of Tanoshii it means enjoyable or interesting and I am so elated to mention that Tanoshii trail is living up to their name and how!

Enter the place and the interiors will spell bound you, they will take you away from the hustle bustle of GK streets and teleport you to artistic soul of Japan! It took me a moment to get over the interiors.. I wish I could explain it more but then one thing which still needs a mention here is their corner table overlooking GK streets from a beautifully carved window..

Ok then! I am a big fan of all thing nice pretty warm and cozy and to add on to this I am a big fan of innovation! They have the most innovative way of serving food! A goddamn Conveyer belt, I am not even kidding guys! They have a conveyer belt!!! And its mesmerizing and how.. I fell in love with that concept, I think I might over order from this place because of their innovative way of serving!!

And now lets talk about the hero!! FOOOD! Its heaven for taste buds, I think my taste buds thanked me for serving them with something so amazing! It was sheer taste in every bite! I wanted to continue eating till eternity and wanted to thank chef with every bite! In love with their food and how!!

All that I can say as my closing statement is that you need to visit this place and you need to visit it now! Take a break from your hectic lifestyle and immerse yourself in the world of beauty, taste and innovation!!


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