Garam Dharam Restaurant Review


34788337_1772588286141323_8960752258631335936_nIt is a universally acknowledged fact that the stars & celebrities play a major role to spice up our lives. Be it museums like Madame Tussauds or Restaurants, people and places both are getting inspired by the Legendary Actors. Likewise, another masterpiece has been encountered in the name of a Masterpiece himself- Dharmendra ji (Dharam Paaji).

Garam Dharam is a newly established restaurant in the name of Dharmendra Ji who is one of the most popular and charming actors of Bollywood. Worldly known for his amazing journey as a Bollywood actor and his classic dialogues, “Kutte mai tera khoon pee jaunga”, Dharam ji has been successful in making a mark in every heart. Some of his fans decided to serve the customers with a unique set-up and ended up creating a world of delicacies with Dharmendra Ji taking over the place.

Owners, Ambience and Hospitality

Mickey Mehta and Umang Tewari claims that they are Dharam Paaji’s true fans and they are not at all taking in proving their point. The two started a restaurant named Garam Dharam which is famous as a mural of the actor. From the wall paintings to the properties, everything in the restaurant is personalized with the looks of Dharam Ji.

Garam Dharam is particularly a Dhaba and Theka situated in the inner circle of Connaught Place, New Delhi. Herein, the customers are fed with delicious recipes of Indian Cuisine and liquor. Interiors of the restaurant depicts a picturization of some classic Bollywood songs from the actor’s best movies. It gives an aura of a Dhaba, the ones on the highways, with a special touch of Indian-ness.


There are vibrant lights and almost all the walls portray the presence of Dharmendra Ji. Not just this, the cutlery and the music played inside is also chosen with great dedication on the overall theme.

Cherry on the cake is the signature bike from Dharam Ji’s iconic movie Sholay which is placed right on the entrance. Visitors often get indulged in the waves of Jay & Veeru poses with the bike playing a vital role.

Menu- Food & Drinks

After the overwhelming experience with the ambience, food is the point that may or may not break the barrier between a decent restaurant and a bad one. but, obviously, Garam Dharma has crossed that milestone long ago as it has gained a lot of fans & food lovers with its amazing availability of savories. Think of something too Punjabi? You will find it in here.


Being over dossed with Punjabi flavors, Garam Dharma comprises of a full-fledged menu with Patiala Pegs, Lassi, Chicken (Kukkad, to be specific) and what not. Moreover, you will also find some personified items like Veeru ki Ghutti, Garam Dharam special soya chap, in the menu. There is a proper assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes satisfying each and every customer.


Drinks like Pyaare Mohan Masala Nimbu Cocktail and Veeru Ki Ghutti never fail to excite the foodies. The former drink is a tasty amalgamation of refreshing lemon and spices made up keeping Vodka as the base. Its tangy yet sultry taste makes it a drink craved for. About the later one, it is a special drink, as the name suggests, which is served in the bottles of “Desi Pauva” (a form of liquor) with sandalwood, saffron and cardamom. The typically tinge of country bar makes it more and more popular among the masses.


Butter chicken? The most prominent tastes ever! Garam Dharam serves their butter chicken made delicately with juicy chicken pieces the classic gravy for Rs.345/- only. If you wish to enhance the taste, scrounge on the chicken with deliciously cooked Garlic Naan available for Rs.70. Apart from this, there are Amritsari Kulche which are very much loved by most of their customers. Also, the menu covers a wide section of Indian Food like Cholle Kulche, Tikki Cholle, Cholle Kachori and many more.

Overall Verdict

According to what the masses have felt, Garam Dharam is definitely that one food joint where people can hangout, have parties and all the filmy stuff. As far as the price is concerned, the approximate cost of Rs.1500- Rs.2000 is incurred for two persons including the expenses for alcohol. The food and ambience has been rated at 4/5 on an average. Also, it is to be noted that this particular restaurant can be accessed through Zomato with possible discounts using Zomato offers.

What are you waiting for? Christmas? Don’t! Go and satiate your taste buds with your friends and family at Garam Dharam. Here, each and every placement of the restaurant is made with special focus on shades of Dharmendra Ji and also keeping in mind what the consumer will love to have again & again. Say no more! Rush to the outlet and feed the tummy in Dharam Ji’s way.

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