App Review – Amplify Music App – Your go to app for all the music in your phone

Amplify is an Android Only app that let you enjoy the music you have downloaded in an organized, modern way.

Unlike other more expensive music apps that require a monthly subscription or a basic free service and multiple in-app features that are paid, Amplify simply cuts through the clutter and lets you completely manage the music you choose to listen, the way you want to listen to it, free of cost.


How it works is you simply transfer the music you have downloaded on your laptop to your phone and it adds itself to your library in the app. It is that simple and it works like magic. For the songs you have downloaded directly on the phone, this process is done automatically.

Once the songs are stored on your device, it works like any other music player, whereby the songs are categorized according to a genre, artist, album etc. In fact, the overall smoothness of the app makes its UI like that of a very premium app for which you have to pay a lot of money to subscribe.


I have not even got to the best part of the app which is that it is a full-service radio streaming service too, with many Hindi radio channels and regional ones to choose from. Although this feature is paid, but it is worth to pay a small fee ($1.99) to regale yourself with so much choice (of songs) from across the world.


There are many other subtle features that not only enhance the user experience but also customize the user experience. For example, the app allows you to go in to the app settings and choose from the many preset equalizer setting to add the extra oomph to your workout songs. If you want even more customization then there are 5 bands from 30Hz to 7kHz that you can individually control. You can also customize the bass, treble and loudness levels to suit your ears.


Songsmash is one of the best features of the Amplify app and one of the best in any of the musical apps I have come across.Using this feature, anyone can choose a song from their playlist and record themselves mouthing the words of the song and having a blast. One of the coolest features of Amplify, this ups the cool, fun quotient too and makes it a complete, wholesome experience.

There are many other customisations available to truly make this your own music player. You can change the toolbar colour, select skins, download album art etc. This level of available customization is truly unique and an innovative feature in the music streaming sphere.


 As far as connectivity to the streaming radio service is concerned, it is quite good with songs loading quickly, changing quickly and with good sound quality as well.

Overall the app is a great way to build playlists and listen to one’s own songs on a phone and when you do get bored of it, the multiple radio streams give enough variety adding flavour to this app.

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