Zorawar Kalra’s new Restaurant is a synonym for Beauty, Bo-Tai! You beauty!

And then the much awaited Zorawar Kalra’s Bo Tai launched! I knew it’s going to be one perfect night so I carefully chose the best outfit which can match up the beauty of restaurant because I already heard a lot about it’s awesomeness..



And to not my surprise, that place oozed out beauty, gorgeousness from every corner!


Their modern Twist  thai food is something I am going to remember for long

And I am going to refer this place to people who ask me where to go for a perfect place with good food!

I wonder how some places leave a big impact on you, Bo tai was one such place, the moment you enter your heart gets filled with streams of happiness, your eyes get what they have desired for long and your taste bud gets a taste they haven’t had for the longest.

I truly fell in love with Bo tai! It’s your time now!


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