Product launch – Luminous Regalia Inverters

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What do we think when we hear inverters? A big, bulky, white and ugly looking box that although necessary needs to be hidden away from our eyes. On top of the aesthetics, inverters require regular maintenance and special “distilled” water needs to be added to it, adding hassle to our already overburdened lives.

This leads to me wondering why hasn’t there been more innovation in the products on the market currently. We do have some products that have introduced a digital interface to make it look more modern, but they still fall short of expectations.

Seems like Luminous has been listening to the customers and have introduced a new near revolutionary product in the market.

The Luminous Regalia Smart Power Backup UPS Inverter – is a new wall mounted UPS inverter that has mind-blowing features that are useful, practical and importantly affordable.

Here, I list four features that make it better than all current inverters in the marketplace:

  1. Aesthetic Wonder

The Regalia Smart Power UPS Inverter is a wall mountable, a thin inverter that fits beautifully in any home and dares I say even enhance the appeal. Gone are the bulky, ungainly wires strewn around the house and in comes this stylish piece of technology that does not need any hiding.

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  1. Environmentally Smart

Luminous Regalia is environmentally friendly on many counts. Firstly, the battery here is Li-ion, used in most smartphones and not the old lead-acid batteries. This not only gives it a long life (10 years), but this makes it virtually maintenance free. Secondly, the device is up to 15% more efficient than regular inverters. Thirdly, the batteries charge 3 times faster and hence consume less electricity while doing so. Finally, the inverter battery can be charged using solar panels!! If this is not revolutionary, I do not know what is.

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  1. Thoroughly Modern

The inverter is modern in its appeal and the touch screen features add to the sense that it is an extension of our modern gadgets. Moreover, the digital display gives highly useful information regarding battery life remaining etc. It features wifi, through which one can remotely get information regarding the inverter through a mobile app.

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  1. Safe as a House

The Regalia is safer than most inverters on the market on many counts. As it is a nearly wireless setup, kids can safely play around the house without the fear of tripping and hurting themselves. There are many inbuilt features like power surge protection, safety mechanism against short circuit and even has a UPS mode that eliminates fluctuations thereby giving extra protection to sensitive devices like laptops and TV. It also has inbuilt safety mechanism against short circuits and voltage surge. Hence it protects your family members as well as your devices from any electrical accidents.

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The Luminous Regalia has been launched and it comes with such a long list of noteworthy features that anyone that needs to buy a next-generation product should buy this immediately. With exciting schemes going around currently, you need to get one and get one fast!





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