Whisky Bar: Food & Drinks

Sector 29’s latest addition, the Whisky Bar, offers customers a selection of heady, novel and innovative treats from the kitchen and bar. The 60  foot bar, poised in front of a dizzying 111 whisky labels from around the world, the overhead lights and fun interiors promise to whisk people away into a prohibition-esque era. Following these tunes, the Whisky bar has designed a selection of cocktails that bring back the best of the prohibition from London and New York. Proficient bartenders romp behind the bar, ready to tailor a cocktail to the tastes of their customers. Tied on one hand, to the standards from speakeasies of the 1920s, driven on the other by a burst of creativity, disguising, complimenting and enriching the taste of alcohol.

A sample from the cocktail menu included the Clover’s club- gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and an egg white; New York Sour- whiskey, lemon juice, egg white and red wine; Old Fashioned- sugar, bitters, whiskey and a twist of citrus rind & finally the Whiskey Sour- whiskey, lemon juice, sugar and egg white (from left to right).


From the kitchen? An out-of-the way menu offering whiskey bites, cold plates, burgers and sandwiches, bars & dim sums, pizzas, soul food and the best for last, dessert!

Tuna bites from the raw food cold plates, kataifi wrapped achari arbi (super delicious this one), achari salmon with methi thepla, pandan been pollichattu (onion tomato, ragas wrapped in pandan leaf) followed by comfort food for mains- bolognese and shepard’s pie. For dessert, classic waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.


A bar that brings you the best of the past, relics of times gone by, cocktails carried through history, complimented by an unpredictable kitchen with a world wide selection of cuisine, both brought together in the lap of Gurgaon’s most exciting market. Together, this fabulous bar and kitchen make up another fantastic option for a night in Sector 29!

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