Never Ignore Postpartum Depression

1 in 5 new moms in India suffer from Post-Partum Depression. Many of us don’t even know what it is and those who do know what it is, just choose not to acknowledge it.

In order to get what Post-Partum Depression is, it is important to delve deeper into its symptoms and this video will help you understand that better:

  1. Notice how the woman in the video feels overwhelmed. These situations may not seem overwhelming to you and I but to someone suffering from Post-Partum Depression a normal day can drain one out.
  2. In the video the mother isn’t able to spend time with her child, neither is she able to make her child her first priority. She constantly misses calls from her home and she feels terribly guilty about it. Mothers constantly doubt themselves and they always feel that her colleagues will not need her at all and would be able to manage without her. Post-Partum Depression can really take a toll on one’s mental health. It can make a person feel left out and unimportant.
  3. In the video, the mom wants to spend time with her colleagues at work but her child is important to her too. She ends up feeling like she is losing all respect at work and all connections with her child at home and what she thought motherhood would be like is turning into a distant dream. She looks at the picture of her child longingly but that is the extent of her connect with her child and that eats her alive and she breaks down every now and again. She is not the confident woman she used to be.
  4. You see the mother in the video very blank. She cannot understand what has changed, she is confused. She is losing control and that is scaring her.
  5. She gets irritated and yells at the office boy for a very insignificant thing. She is annoyed for nothing. This is a very common symptom of Post-Partum Depression.

Remember looking at that PregaNews stick and finding out you’re pregnant and thinking what a blast motherhood would be. Well, life if unpredictable and Post-Partum Depression shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is a serious emotional condition which can manifest itself in the form of a mood swing to chronic depression. By sporting Prega News, which is the No 1 brand in this category and the leading brand available in the market, I pledge to support new moms by helping them open up, talk about, and not feel alone in in their struggle with Post-Partum Depression. Prega News is the brand of Mankind Pharma, which is the fastest growing company.



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