The A.I way to lose your singlehood on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it seems like there is no worse day for being single. With couples just about everywhere in sight, matchmaking sights see a huge jump, presumably by single people wishing to find a life partner or even someone to go out on a date.

Dating websites have always sought to solve this problem but even though dating websites are not a new phenomenon but dating websites themselves have gone through an immense transformation, away from the eyes of the people. The old matchmaking sites depended on information from people themselves to identify potential matches.


But at the moment, sites like are changing the game and how. Sites like these do not depend on outdated questionnaires to identify one’s likes and dislikes but use highly sophisticated machine algorithms to find a potential partner.

Their proprietary software, RAE ensure, after analysing our behaviour and not just our answers, that can also identify subtle, surprising, or hard-to-describe patterns in what we find attractive. Using this one can truly find the right partner.


In fact, many claim that with more processing power than a human being, software like RAE can pick up patterns that even human beings cannot. can make your valentines unique and may even lead you to a long-term, fulfilling relationship.




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