Well, if you thought Estonia was only known for having the most powerful passport in the world and was only known for making its way to become the first ‘digital republic’ of the world; well, Estonia has one more thing – Chef Sander Nikolajev. This Nordic nomad, who has a way with the vernacular cuisines of the country, is showing his appetizing magic at #Tamra,  #Shangrilanewdelhi.


With the helping hand of Executive Chef, Mr. Neeraj Tyagi, it was an Estonian afternoon of colorful culinary delights at the Masterclass with Chef Sander.

As Chef Neeraj quotes ‘Nordic cuisine is known to experiment with ingredients, especially the locally produced and favoured ones’. Indeed, that very fact was witnessed and experienced in the 3 dishes that were taught in the masterclass –

  • ‘Black Cod with Creamy-Cabbage Leek Cream with White wine and baked Onions’
  • ‘Lamb chops with Minty Pea Puree, Roasted Baby carrots, and Rosemary Sauce’
  • ‘Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Spicy Blackcurrant Compote’.

My personal favourite was the thick light Orange gravy of Pumpkin, something that is not readily available and consumed here. The violet hued berries were carefully compot-ed, and caramelized with a gentle chili coat to add the acidity to the soup, which is naturally sweet with the Pumpkin.

This final soup, ready to heat up your throat and belly, is topped with coconut milk for taste.

A drizzle of an oil made by cooling olive oil with handpicked garden herbs is also sprinkled. And the final garnish is completed with edible flowers + beetroot powder; to make this:


Nordic cuisine is essential all about winter food; owing to the cold temperatures in the region, it is curated to incite warmth.

Well, to your treat, Norway boasts of a beautiful fish variety; and that my friend, is where ‘Black Cod with Creamy-Cabbage Leek Cream’ comes from.

It was a visual and aromatic delight to witness the cooking of the Cabbage Leak getting gradually cooked in cream and White Wine.

Being a Swedish favourite, Cabbage, for this preparation is shredded in Butter, and sauted with White Wine and a bit of cooking cream. With this delectable looking, and in taste preparation, the alcohol part of the Wine evaporates, residu-ing only the delicate taste and acidity, which well balances the flavor.

If you’re a vegetarian like me, fret not! In this recipe, the Cod can be replaced Sweet Potato, Mushrooms or Soya too. Amazing, right?! (I’m already imagine the veg version of this dish now.)

And, after the Master Class, The Shangri La team was generous and hospitable to host us to a lavish spread of their iconic #Tamra buffet.

A #nordicnovelty in the Salad space is the Quinoa with Broccoli, Golden Beetroot, and boiled Mushrooms and this one below :



To conclude with, the #nordicnovelty in the dessert spread is the succulent Coffee Infused Truffles. Wrapped in Oatflakes mixed with coconut powder, the truffle was oozed nutty Mocha nector on taking a bite, from this little chocolate sphere:



My Dessert plate complimenting my Red Wine


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