Guppy: More than sushi

Guppy, in Lodhi Colony, presents India’s first Poke Bar. Pronounced “Poh-kay”, Poke bowls are often described as the new generation of sushi- a raw fish trend you’re not going to want to miss!


Alongside their quirky new poke bowls, Guppy offers a selection of colourful cocktails.


Best among the selection include Harajuku High (pictured above on the right), a delicious concoction with glimpses of beetroot, carrot, soya, passion fruit and lime juice; Santiago San (first from left), with notes of coconut, pineapple and Pisco; and finally Midoriko’s dream (third from left), a brew of melon, lime juice topped off with sparkling wine.

Next up in the meal was a pick from Guppy’s old favourites- small plates featuring a delectable pan Asian cuisine.



Prawn gyoza (first from the top), a dish that instantly melts in your mouth; Chicken Nanban (second from the top), succulent chicken complemented by a creamy tartar sauce; Crisp Vegetable Harumaki (bottom from top), exotic vegetable spring rolls garnished with corn and micro greens; and finally, the dish that is arguably the essence of Guppy, the Pork belly (pictured below), slow braised pork belly glazed with soy and honey.



The Poke bowls created by Chef Vikram Khatri, are full of life and energy. A complex, yet beautifully balanced  curated tapestry of flavour presents a Pacific Asian feast that leaves you wanting more and more. Watch below for a sneak peak of how the chef brings these vibrant bowls together.


As an interesting twist to the menu, Guppy allows customers to tailor their Poke bowls to their own palettes, giving them the freedom to choose the protein, the grain, the veggies and the crunch elements of each dish. In case it’s not already obvious, Asian food really doesn’t get any better than this!


Finally, Guppy presents its Ramen bowls- the epitome of comfort food, perfect for Delhi winters. These bowls feature such an authentic flavour, you may momentarily forget you are sitting in the middle of a bustling Indian city, and feel like you’ve made a quick trip to the Japanese country side. These Ramen bowls are superb and you will be hard pressed to find an equivalent in this city!

With these exciting new additions to their menu, Guppy has expanded its range, bringing the best of Pan asian cuisine to rouse your taste buds until you find yourself craving another trip to this outstanding restaurant!

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