Bara Darhi | Restaurant Review


Bara Darhi @ Westin Gurgaon is replica of Old delhi tastes under one roof on open roof. An open roof restaurant brings the culture and taste of Old Delhi live with choice of drink and comfort of fine-dine.


Chefs with rich family legacy of old Delhi bring to the table the original taste of by lanes. Had the food been tasted with closed eyes, one cannot make a difference. The food has same flavor, blend of spices and experience of years. The chefs are specialty chefs; the kebab chef does only kebab and the curry chef only curries. Therefore, the food carries experience along with the taste.


We had bara darhi special chicken tikka, panner seekh kebab, mutton seekh kebab with rumali roti for starters followed by panner changezi, mutton nihari, khamiri roti, sheermal for main course. The best part, though it has a mughlai dominance the vegetarian dishes were equally competitive. Your vegetarian friends will feel more into the game with paneer seekh kebab, when you are relishing mutton seekh kebab.




Drop in and share your experience, I loved it and I am sure you will too.


Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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