Mr. Mamagoto- old favourites, new twist

In October of last year, Mamagoto opened a “cousin” restaurant in Cyberhub by the name of Mr. Mamagoto. An exciting new menu of mischievous dishes, sneaking flavours from pan-asian and tinkering them to suit a palate keen to be amused, Mr. Mamagoto brings you a dining experience strangely familiar yet completely different to the classic Mamagoto venture. Amidst all the excitement, Mr. Mamagoto recognises the fondness of classic Mamagoto dishes and therefore completes its menu by retaining old favourites. In this way, Mr. Mamagoto continues the tune of serving up classic Asian flavours with a fresh perspective while venturing into bold, experimental territories. The clever menu cannot be described better than in the words of the chefs themselves- a “sophisticated goofiness”.


Since every good pan asian meal begins with sushi, we began our culinary feat with a Rock Shrimp Tempura. A beautifully handcrafted roll complimented by the creamy flavours of chilli mayo served as a great choice for a light starter.


This dish was followed up by a Street Style Spicy dimsum, steamed and draped with Chinese vinegar sauce.


The final small plate of the series, and arguably the most interesting of them all was the Shrimp and Wasabi Cream. Sautéed with caramelised onions and relished with micro greens, this dish introduced the playful combination of a traditional Japanese Wasabi and a bold amalgamation of spice.



The main course marched closer to the traditional flavours of China- a wok of pepper corns and greens replete with fragrant jasmine rice.



While it was delightful meal thus far, the best was saved for last with the prize-winning, big-note ending dessert, the Hot Panookie. Unsure what to expect from the name, the Hot Panookie turned out to be a beautiful chocolate chip cookie melted to perfection, resting on a bed of liquid chocolate, balanced by a scoop of Vanilla and complete with a relish of nuts.  That there is genius in this dish, is obvious. One bite will leave you wanting more and when you will reach the bittersweet end you shall find yourself planning one more trip to Mr. Mamagoto’s so you may enjoy the hot-cold-vanilla-chocolate brilliance of this dish once more. Outstanding dessert. Wonderful meal. A must go restaurant!





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