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Aadhar - Shivangi

The safety of the water we drink every day at home is paramount to us. Due to this, most homes have a water purification system and one assumes that the water that finally comes out of the tap is safe to drink, right? Not really.


Havells has recently launched their water purifiers and recently invited us to their R&D facility to take a look at what is different with these water purifiers vis-a-vis the competition.

Mr. Suresh Sisodia, Sr. VP, Water purification and Mr. Shashank Srivastava, VP, Water purifiers, with a combined experience of more than 40 years in this industry explained to us the meticulous research carried out by the team at Havells to bring to us a truly safe water filtering solution.


These new age machines have upto 8 stages of filtration, that not only cleanses the water of all contaminants but through their mineral fortifications process restores the minerals in the water.


The Havells R&D team has clearly isolated all the major lacunae present in the current RO system in the market and plugged each hole innovatively.


Did you know that after the RO process is complete in most water purifiers, the water that comes out is acidic in taste? And to balance the taste some bypass water is added !! The Havells water purifiers have a mineral fortification system that balances the pH value of the water.


Other than this, the product form is very impressive. Its form factor is such that one can either fit it in a corner or wall mount it as usual. The corner mounting has been done keeping in mind small Indian kitchens. Furthermore, the top models look extremely modern and the touch panel adds a dash of class in the kitchen.


These models have an additional functionality, they come with features like  Auto Diagnostics, Maintenance alerts and Cartridge life Indicator – so one does not have to worry about chasing companies to get water filters changed.


They have concentrated right till the delivery stage of water. The piping inside the faucet that is made of Brass and Copper is used in the piping of the last stage filter hence water stays pure and does not get contaminated due to plastic and the purified drinking water reaches our glasses in the safest possible way. Even the Tank covers all models have ingress protection, so as to prevent dust and insects to enter the tank.

As far as service is concerned the team assured us that the technicians are all thoroughly trained in each aspect of the machine and unlike other big companies they are all Havells employees (not franchisee employees) so as to maintain highest levels of service.

I truly believe this product is a game changer in the water purifier segment and with a slew of product, design and service innovations, Havells does set a high benchmark the other firms will have to follow.


Havells water purifiers come in 5 models -UV plus, pro, max, Digiplus and Digitouch-  starting from 10,499/- (for UV plus) to 23,999/- (for Digitouch model).


6 thoughts on “New Product launch – Havells Water Purifiers

  1. This product looks good and useful for the homes in India. I’ll surely check out all the models of this water purifier from Havells.

    Thanks for the preview of the product.

    • Adding to my previous comment.

      I bought Havells UV plus and this is really an awesome product. I am using it for 4 months and still no complaints about it. I loved the design as well. This is Havells doing a great job for people’s safety.

      Thanks for the review Shivangi, it helped.

  2. The products are good. But where can I buy the original genuine Havells cartridges online or offline?

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