Chocolate making session @ Coffee Bond, GK-1, New Delhi

WHEN: SUNDAY- 12:30 P.M- 2:00 P.M


Chocolate is loved by all and known by few, however, now I am not those few. I learned it recently at coffee bond. Seems like a complex art, and yes it is. However, not the one that stresses instead relieves one of it.  The process is enjoyable and chef Narendra shukla compares it to meditation. The whole process from heating of water to the dancing performance of masterpiece on the palate is a journey cherished.

Chocolates are by default tasty, if the ingredients used are pure. The master class covered every aspect in detail. The variation of ingredients with change in weather, why chocolate has to be cooled at room temperature and not in refrigerator, importance of tempering and lot more for me to summarize in a single post. The best part is there is no defined recipe; add the ingredients are added as much as you like same way as we do cooking at home.





We learned how to make chocolates from scratch along with munching on delightful pizzas and coffee of choice. The coffee bond lived up to the name by establishing a lasting bond with all participants. We were handed a hamper of ingredients so that class is not just forgotten about as we step out of the cafe. This gesture is really appreciated and I am all set to blend these ingredients with my creative thoughts and make my first chocolate.

Credit: Nipun
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